Hotels of New Delhi

Hotels in New Delhi
December 2, 2017 – 05:26 pm
Hotels of New Delhi

New Delhi HotelsNavigate colorful and crowded bazaars teeming with customers and flamboyant hawkers, marvel at the modernity of the delightful Lotus Temple, or gaze in awe at the magnificence of the elaborate Akshardham, an ornate Hindu temple complex of sandstone and marble that tops most travelers ‘must-do’ lists. Whatever you’re in New Delhi to see, there is a multitude of delights hidden between its chaotic and thrilling streets.It’s all about fun at the extravagant Kingdom of Dreams, a sprawling entertainment district on the very edge of New Delhi. Themed streets, imaginary starlit skies, elaborate golden palaces adorned with statuettes of sacred elephants, and bustling bazaars with garish stalls are all brought together in a dramatic theme park-style tourist. Over at Connaught Place, expensive retail and business buildings fill the core of the city, a hub for commercial enterprise and government decision making. From its tallest buildings you can see the instantly recognizable circle of Central Park, with its landscaped lawns and colorful flowerbeds. On the other side of the city, the unusual triangular façade of the Pragati Maidan exhibition center sits just off the Mahatma Gandhi Road, home to trade fairs, musical extravaganzas, and cultural events. While over at the cramped streets of the Karol Bagh district, garish market stalls fill an indoor bazaar, laden with decorative slippers, flamboyant batiks, and an overwhelming aroma of freshly ground spice.Hotels in New DelhiYou can find hotels in New Delhi for any budget, as long as you choose your destination wisely. At the heart of the city, where the high-powered business principles of Connaught Place meet the artistic soul of the Mandi House district, you’ll find an abundance of luxury hotels housed in historic buildings, or occupying the rising floors of towering modern edifices. If you’re prepared to pay more for a luxury hotel in New Delhi, you’ll enjoy contemporary furniture, extra floor space, and access to amenities from fine-dining restaurants to decadent spas. If you prefer traveling on a budget, head just outside the city center to some of the less touristy districts, where comfortable inns provide spacious rooms, private bathrooms, and occasionally WiFi for free.Where to stayCentral Delhi is where the city does business, amid a wall of high rise buildings that demonstrate their power the higher they climb above their neighbors. In South Delhi, the skyline is less dramatic, with sprawling residential districts that have grown from previously independent villages, and towns. It’s a hotbed for tourism, and amid the hotels in New Delhi that thrive here are its most popular attractions, from the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary to the madcap lanes of the Lajpat Nagar market. Over at the district of Karol Bagh, busy shopping streets like the Amjal Khan Road are every bit as cramped as other New Delhi streets, but distinctly less native-Indian thanks to the build-up of fast food restaurants, and trendy teenage stores.How to get to New DelhiThe Indira Gandhi International Airport sits in the city suburbs, just south of the center. It’s connected to the rest of New Delhi by an impressive local rail and bus transport system that can drop visitors off in most suburbs of the city. Getting around the busy city streets themselves is easiest on foot, and the madcap traffic of central New Delhi streets is off-putting to most drivers. Taxis are available from most hotels if you do want to get further afield.

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