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December 9, 2016 – 10:40 pm
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Samavar- The Coffeeshop
Dining & Entertainment
Responding to its growing International clientele, The Ashok has a splendid cavalcade of multi-cuisine offerings on board. From the Capitol discotheque, to the gentle pleasures of the Tea Lounge, The Ashok offers visitors a taste of times in all its multi-faceted avatars – The Samavar (24 hour Coffee Shop), The Oudh, Frontier, NomNom, Sagar Ratna, Shraman, Pangaea-a happening nightclub and Zerruco- a Mediterranean restaurant.

The OudhThe Samavar (24 hour Coffee Shop)

Representing the freshness and leisure-coated serenity with a complimentary gastronomic experience, The Samwar is also known as the 24 Hour Coffee Shop capable of providing the visitors a relishing experience with astonishing world cuisines and dishes by the side.

The Oudh

Our chefs at The Oudh believe in showering guests with an exceptional Nawaabi experience through a highlighted introduction of Awadhi cuisine wrapped in exotic spices and aromas. It is famed to be the Choice restaurant for family get-togethers, parties and social revelries.

Being FrontierFrontier

Frontier exhibits a perfect fusion of Indian and North-West Frontier Cuisine created and served on the platters for a mouth-watering culinary experience with a dark-themed ambience.


Basically a hub targeting Asian cuisines, NomNom relives the visitors with its exciting and casual name. With a multitude of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Burmese, & Vietnamese delicacies, it's hard to get up from the seats once you start eating.

Sagar Ratna

A popular name within the spheres of Indian cuisine, Sagar Ratna impeccably highlights the aromatic gestures and local delicacies of South India in an astonishing manner.

The Cake shopPangaea-a happening nightclub

With red-themed interiors installed with bright, golden lamps and chandeliers, Pangaea highlights the love for a deluxe nightlife with live music, mouth-watering American, Turkish, Finger Food, North Indian cuisines, an opulent ambience and an indulging bar.


As ascetic as the name suggests, Shraman is true to its meaning, and is said to be an artistic choice to relish some of the famous Saatvic vegetarian dishes of Rajasthan, North-Indian and Gujarat cooked directly with earthy spices.

Zerruco- a Mediterranean restaurant

Featuring a romantic, alfresco seating, Zerruco has framed Mediterranean and Italian cuisines to a different perspective. With the sensuous aroma of food traveling to-and-forth the kitchen, it's hard to resist the temptations
5 Star Luxury Dining & Entertainment Venue near Embassy, New Delhi
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Tea Lounge The Elite Lounge Sagar Ratna Nom Nom
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