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Incredible 7 Star Hotels
February 21, 2016 – 06:11 pm
3.Full Moon Hotel IN Baku

Burj Al Arab 1You have most likely noticed that any hotel you’ve ever stayed in proudly advertises their “star rating”. Most hotels in the United States operate on a five star or diamond system and hotels are judged based on their locations, services, accommodations, and amenities. Unfortunately, the worldwide travel industry has not been able to formalize a standard system within which to judge hotels.

This lack of professional standards means that some hotels run on a different system than others. While most countries cap their hotel rating systems at five, some use six or seven star ratings, claiming to be the homes of some of the most beautiful and prestigious hotels in the world. There is currently only one seven star hotel in the world, but there are a handful more under construction. Start planning your vacations now and be the first to see some of the amazing architectural wonders.

Burj Al Arab 8The Burj Al Arab

Construction on the Burj Al Arab in Dubai began in 1994 and was modeled after the sail of a famous Arabian ship. The appearance was created by using teflon-coated fiberglass and white materials that resemble a mast when viewed from a distance. The hotel is an architectural masterpiece. The foundation was constructed on an artificial island and the hotel is home to the world’s tallest atrium. While the Burj Al Arab likes to believe it is the world’s only seven-star hotel, it is officially known as a five-star deluxe hotel on the standard star system.

The hotel houses a mere 202 rooms, but each floor of the hotel is double layered.Burj Al Arab 9 The deluxe hotel rooms range in size from approximately 1, 800 square feet up to approximately 8, 000 square feet. A room in the Burj Al Arab costs a minimum of , 000 per evening and can increase in price up to $25, 000 per night. The hotel is home to highly acclaimed restaurants, one of which is the home of the well known chef Kevin McLaughlin.

Morgan Plaza

The Morgan Plaza, also known as a seven-star luxury hotel, is still under construction is Beijing, China but it is anticipated that construction will be complete in March of 2008. The hotel itself will be situated in the Morgan Plaza and will be one of many various buildings in the bustling district of Changan.Morgan Plaza 1 The hotel will be situated near a myriad of national landmarks.

It is hoped that the hotel, a pivotal building in the plaza long with pavilions, a temple, and a famous restaurant, will be completed before the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. China stands to benefit greatly from increased tourism due to both the Olympics and the appeal of the new plaza itself.

The Flower of the East

Located on Kish Island in Iran, the Flower of the East began construction in 2004 and officials hope to see it reach completion by the year 2010. The hotel is the centerpiece of a complex development project which will include a number of hotels, residential condos, and businesses.

The Flower of the East hotel is designed to look exactly as it sounds “like a flower”. Designed with a combination of Persian and Modern architectural influences, the seven-star hotel will be surrounded by a beautiful park and will be visible from every area of the development.

Morgan Plaza 9 The Flower of the East 1 The Flower of the East 8 The Flower of the East 9
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