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Questioning the sources of disproportionate assets and income of the Badal family, Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh wondered from where they could amass such huge wealth when Badal had inherited just 80 acres of land and few buffaloes from his father
November 17, 2015 – 10:08 am
The palatial 8,395 square foot
Captain Amrinder Singh BadalCaptain Amrinder Singh Badal

"When farmers across the state are in distress and several of them are committing suicide, there is only one farmer, Badal - who has weaved thousands of crores from his 80 acres of land he inherited from his father, besides few buffaloes", he said, while addressing an impressive public meeting organised by ex-MLA Surjit Singh Dhiman here today.

He also said that there was total administrative collapse in Punjab with the Chief Minister busy in Sangat Darshans and his Deputy Chief Minister son Sukhbir Badal going from country to country at the cost of the state exchequer.

"Sukhbir Badal has two seven star hotels in Delhi where he sells a cup of tea for more than the monthly old age and widow pension in Punjab", he said, while adding, "and he is constructing one more hotel in Chandigarh also".

Captain Amarinder regretted that when the farmers in Punjab were committing suicide the Badals were building mansions and hotels at different places not to speak of their other business worth thousands of crores of rupees. "I urge Badal to share the secret of making so much wealth from 80 acres of land with other farmers of the state also so that they can also earn good money and are not forced to commit suicide", he

Referring to the state of affairs in Punjab, he said, there was no government worth its name in Punjab. He pointed out that Sukhbir Badal prefers to spend more time abroad sometimes Poland, sometimes Dubai, sometimes China and sometimes Korea. Similarly, he added, the senior Badal remains lost in Sangat Darshans.

He said, other ministers, except Bikram Majithia, have no authority as they have been reduced to rubber stamps only. With the result, he added, governance was suffering and having adverse impact on the functioning of the state.

Earlier in an informal conversation with the reporters at Dhiman's residence, Captain Amarinder said, the Congress was in a strong position to defeat the Akali-BJP alliance and the Aam Aadmi Party in the state. He said, while Akali-BJP alliance graph had touched its nadir, people did not have any confidence in AAP whether it can actually govern, particularly after what happened in Delhi and Punjab.

Replying to a question on the issue of the PCC reshuffle, Captain Amarinder said, it was the prerogative of the Congress president. He said, the high command was very much seized of the matter.

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Answer would be none because the only seven star hotel in the world is Burj-al-Arab located in Dubai.

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