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March 7, 2015 – 11:43 am
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Yeah, I live in Hyderabad, so I wouldn't normally be staying at, or reviewing, hotels in Hyderabad - but I had a few Frequent Guest points with the Accor group, and my wife and I had a few days on our hands with nothing much happening at work, so we decided to use up those points with a long weekend stay, at one of the two Novotel properties in our home city :).

There are two Novotels in Hyderabad: one is right at the (still relatively new) airport; the other, the subject of this review, is often referred to as the Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre (because it includes one of the largest Convention Centres in the city). It is in the Madhapur area, on the newly-developing Western side of the city. This is the part of the city where many of the New Economy offices, IT and BPO firms plus back-office captives of multinationals, are located. So this hotel would be a good choice for business visitors to Deloitte, Google, Infosys, Oracle, Microsoft, UBS, Wells Fargo, Wipro, and many others.

In my view, the Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre does the best Western-style breakfast in Hyderabad. Don't get me wrong; there are many other places in Hyderabad where you can get a better Indian breakfast, but I know from experience that many Western visitors to India, much as they enjoy, or are polite about, a non-stop diet of unfamiliar Indian food while travelling in India, do find that it's sometimes a relief to fall back on Western-style muesli, croissants, yoghurt and fruit, to recover! This hotel does one of the best of that particular style of Western breakfast in the city. They do the most Western-like coffee too, for those who are missing that kind of taste. Many other hotels in Hyderabad, even those that cater to a large proportion of Western visitors, only offer Indian-style coffees and chais; and even their omelettes wind up tasting faintly of Indian spices. Again, very nice if you enjoy it; but if you are looking for something more familiar to a Western palate, the Novotel is one of the best in town.

The property is still fairly new, and furniture and fittings are generally in good repair. Rooms are pleasant and airy, reasonably spacious, and on one side of the hotel have a nice view of a lake. (Slight premium on room tariffs on that side, I understand!)

The property does a massive all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch by the poolside, with lots of beer and other liquid accompaniments. Sunday brunch here is something of an expatriate institution, and you have to be prepared for large numbers of noisy kids, sometimes ineffectually supervised by harassed nannies. The food and drink are good, though.

There is also a Mexican restaurant on the property - the taste is not, in my view, sufficiently authentic for anyone who regards themselves as a Mexican food afficionado, but is a pleasant enough introduction to Mexican food for the average non-Mexicano.

Service, in my experience, has been uniformly excellent - apart from my recent stay here, I frequently bring guests here for a meal or an event, and I have always received impeccable service.

Source: www.tripadvisor.in
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