Brindavan Hotel MG Road Bangalore

On the closure of Hotel Brindavan, M G Road, 010212
January 14, 2017 – 10:52 pm
OYO Rooms-Brigade Road

I do not often indulge in nostalgia, being a person who enjoys the vibrancy of the present as much as the glow of the past. But once in a while.

It was saddening to read of the closure of Hotel Brindavan, on M G Road.

The value of everything seems to be reckoned only in money terms, in Bangalore, at least.there seems to be no value for heritage, history or culture...except if they can be marketed as "heritage", "history", and "culture". Otherwise, it is all "real estate". Sad at the inverted-commaization of our inheritance...we are now camera-toting tourists, treading over our own pasts, while commercial buildings of chrome, steel and glass mushroom in the spaces where gracious bungalows and majestic buildings stood. Cars bearing tycoons whizz by where immemorial trees shaded the roads. Truly public spaces are shrinking, and there is no plan for creating any more. Some things about Bangalore make me sad. Our quality of life has become much worse, and continues to deteriorate. Money talks, and commerce seems to be the only common language of our city.

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